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Here you find our English, bi- or multilingual Claim the Waves workshops:

  • Please register with Lyudmila at She is also happy to answer any questions!
  • All workshops are open for all interested FLINT*-persons (women, lesbians, inter*-, non-binary- and trans* persons). It’s for free, we would be happy about a small donation.
  • The locations of the workshops is in Vienna is Schankwirtschaft, Obere Augartenstraße 1 A, 1020 Vienna. The online workshops will be on the plattform BigBlueButton.

FIRDAY July 9th: 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Workshop … Discussion … Essay + Rad I/O

with Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

The digitization of the aether brings an unexpected taste. Lastly, it may allow the loss of anonymous radio listening. One of the last bastions of the anonymous, low-cost, low-tech media consumption. The digital aether is – in its interchangeability – only a channel for data transfer.

+ Rad I/O is workshop where we built small FM-Transmitters on pre-produced platinas (with functional illustrations), write and talk about the future of radio – maybe even write an essay with collective authorship, draw Radio-QSL-Cards, and set up a little exhibition after the workshop.

Location: Schankwirtschaft in Augarten, Obere Augartenstraße 1 A, 1020 Vienna


FIRDAY July 9th: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
LGBT+ rights in Russia: is it that bad?

with Svetlana Zakharova

At the event, Svetlana Zakharova, a lesbian, a feminist and a human rights defender from Russia will talk about the situation with LGBT+ rights in the country. Russia is well known as a very homophobic place, but is it that black and white? Svetlana Zakharova will describe how the country has changed since the adoption of the so-called „propaganda law“ in 2013, touch upon current situation with hate crimes and reaction of the authorities and will explain why she still has a lot of hope for the future.


SATURDAY JULY 10th: 11:15 am – 2:00 pm
How to Jingle?

mit Louis Hofbauer & Anna Steiden

Einen Jingle machen in drei Schritten. Perfekt sein sollen andere; wir wollen im Workshop loslegen, ausprobieren und lernen, wie leicht es geht, in kurzer Zeit eine Ankündigung fürs Radio herzustellen. Let your lovely voices be heard!

Ort: Schankwirtschaft im Augarten, Obere Augartenstraße 1 A,1020 Wien


SATURDAY JULY 1oth: 11 am to 2:00 pm
Tie Dye Workshop: Dye your own feminist t-shirt!

with Marie Vodickova

We are going to colour t-shirts with the tie dye method! You can either get a blank Claim the Waves t-shirt for a donation or bring your own (ideally in a light color and made of cotton).

Venue: Schankwirtschaft Augarten, Obere Augartenstraße 1 A,1020 Vienna


This workshop is open for all interested FLINT*-persons (women, lesbians, inter*-, non-binary- and trans* persons). It’s for free, we would be happy about a small donation.

SATURDAY JULY 10th: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
The role of women in Belarus´s struggle for democracy

Olga Dryndova and a Minsk-based based journalist whose name will be revealed during the seminar for security reasons

Part 1
Women´s role in Belarus protests: from solidarity to stereotypes

The role of women in the 2020 mass protests in Belarus captured widespread media attention. While numerous media outlets praised women´s role in the opposition movement, and reported critically on president Alexander Lukashenko´s misogyny, this same media repeated and amplified sexist stereotypes by depicting these women as „soft“ and „feminine“.

What was the role of women in the anti-government protests and was this really a „female revolution“? Who are the women supporting political change in Belarus?

Olga Dryndova will explain the political and social context that led to the massive protests in August 2020. She will also analyse whether the strong presence of women in the anti-government movement has brought lasting changes to Belarus` s society.

Part 2
Being a female journalist in Belarus

Reporting in Belarus is tough for both men and women. Out of 23 imprisoned Belarusian journalists and media professionals, 16 are women. Two Belsat female reporters were sentenced to 2-year prison terms because they filmed the protests. Out of 14 arrested media professionals working for the independent website, 10 are women. Most journalists working for the few remaining independent media outlets in the country are female. How can this high proportion of women journalists be explained? Does it have an impact on reporting?

The Minsk-based journalist will share her first-hand experience about the struggle of women journalists to do political reporting, despite their fear of detention, violence, torture and harassment. How does one work safely in those circumstances?

Speakers: Olga Dryndova is a political scientist based in Berlin and editor of „Belarus-Analysen“, a publication by the Research Center for Eastern Europe at the University of Bremen. Additionally, Ms. Dryndova is a freelance consultant on external democracy promotion in autocracies (focus on Belarus) and a part of „Arbeitskreis Belarus“ ( In the past she worked in the fields of strengthening civil society, human rights and election observation, facilitating the German-Belarusian cooperation, integration, youth policy, as well as education and work exchange of skilled workers.

The name of second speaker will be revealed during the seminar.


This online workshop is open for all interested FLINT*-persons (women, lesbians, inter*-, non-binary- and trans* persons). It’s for free, we would be happy about a small donation.

SUNDAY JULY 11th: 11:00 am – 2 pm

Frühstücke gemeinsam mit anderen Teilnehmer*innen von Claim the Waves! Wir sagen danke und laden dich zu einem Brunch ein. Um Anmeldung wird gebeten, die Plätze sind begrenzt!

Ort: Schankwirtschaft im Augarten, Obere Augartenstraße 1 A,1020 Wien


Der Brunch ist für Teilnehmer_innen des Workshop- & on air Programms von Claim the Waves gedacht. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, wir freuen uns über eine kleine freiwillige Spende.