workshop overview

thursday afternoon (3.30 – 7 PM)

teenie radio with Jana Reich

friday morning (10 AM – 1 PM)

the interview as a safe space with Lena Löhr

radio introducion workshop with Kit Priester

DJ-Workshop with Spindyrella

writing artsy, political and comprehensible for radio/podcasts with Antje Meichsner

intergenerational transfer of knowledge in community radios with Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

friday afternoon (3 – 6 PM)

I heard it through the … – jingle production from audio snippets to a product with Katja Sternberger

let’s solder some stuff with Sön

feminist networking in community radios mit Ulli Weish und Xenia Niki Matita

ways to queertopia – an audio walk with Anna Wegricht

open DJ hangout – open space

Reinventing Grassi SKD – A Museum in Transition (Tour and Workshop)

saturday morning (10 AM – 1 PM)

multilingual radio with Rufine Songué

storytelling on the radio with audiokombinat

prison radio with Nekane Txapartegi

inclusive radio – radio for everyone? with Franziska Wolff

voice and speaking experiments with Ariane Zeuner [whole day]

saturday afternoon (3 – 6 PM)

how to : sex podcast with Robin

how to use genderneutral language on the radio with Lann Hornscheidt

attach the control unit to reality – a workshop for creative writing with Kuku Schrapnell

feminist hacklab with Yasmin

guided city tour: queer femnist places and stories with Ariane Lösch