the interview as a safe space with Lena Löhr

l’interview comme un espace sécurisé

la entrevista como un espacio seguro

مقابلة عن الشعور بالراحة

چگونه یک مصاحبه‌ی خوب انجام بدهیم؟

with Lena Löhr

An interview as safe space – my counterpart can relax, tell exciting every day stories, rearrange his or her own thoughts and leaves feeling strengthened.
How do I prepare myself and my counterpart for an interview? How do I choose the place? And how do I support my interview partner to tell their story more freely?

Lena Löhr (she/her) is a freelance author for the public service broadcasts and the broadcaster of Pomba Gira on Radio Blau and Radio Corax.

@ Hörfunk- und Projektwerkstatt
Biedermannstraße 9-13/Haus C
04277 Leipzig

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