Writing artsy, political and comprehensible for radio/podcasts with Antje Meichsner

écrire un texte artistique, astucieux et compréhensible por radio et podcast

escribir un texto artístico, refinado y comprensible para radio y podcast

فني وسياسي ومفهوم كتابة للإذاعة/البودكاست

چگونه برای رادیو/پاکست دقیق، سیاسی و همه‌فهم بنویسیم

with Antje Meichsner

In the workshop you will write texts or you bring some with you that you are currently working on anyway. Using a concrete example, you will learn the use of tools to write easily audible and understandable texts. We read our texts to each other and possibly discuss the emotional and political content. What do we understand about them and what not? How do we understand something? We examine metaphors concerning their populism factor and their misunderstanding. Requirements: a little experience in making radio or writing demo speeches is useful, but not absolutely necessary.

Antje Meichsner / Shannon Soundquist (she/her) is an artist and radio broadcaster. She works conceptually with sound, text, graphics and typography.

@ Frauenkultur
Windscheidstr. 51
04277 Leipzig

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