storytelling on the radio with audiokombinat

raconter des histoires auditives

contar historias auditivas

السرد في الراديو


with audiokombinat

Here you will learn how to tell (even longer) stories in a sensual and engaging way for the ears of others. How do you write for listening? How do I find protagonists, how do I get lively sound bites from them? Where should I hold my microphone? And how can I also narrate with sounds and atmospheres? Previous knowledge, i.e. your own first recordings, short contributions and basic editing skills are wanted.

The [audiokombinat] is an association of radiophiles in Berlin, Leipzig, Rostock and Vienna. Many of us have our background in free radio and today live from working with sound and stories.

@ Radio Blau
Paul-Gruner-Straße 62
04107 Leipzig

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