multilingual radio with Rufine Songué

la radio plurilangue

la radio multilingüe

تشكيل إذاعة متعددة اللغات

رادیویی چندزبانه

mit Rufine Songué

Multilingual broadcasting has been taking place on the frequencies of community radios for years: Often out of the need to implement one’s own linguistic realities in one’s own broadcast. In order for the program to sound good, the form, i.e. the method one uses to broadcast multilingually, should fit the content of what one wants to convey. A literal translation, for example, is suitable for conveying information in a very precise way. Methods that are more experimental, on the other hand, make people want to listen associatively. Using her own listening examples, Rufine Songué gives participants methods for producing the best multilingual programs.

Rufine Songué (she/her) is a member of Our Voice, the refugee editorial team of Radio Dreyeckland in Freiburg, which broadcasts in many languages. She is also a journalist and media educator.

@ Radio Blau
Paul-Gruner-Straße 62
04107 Leipzig

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