teenie radio with Jana Reich

la radio pour les juveniles

la radio para la juventud

إذاعة الشباب

رادیو نوجوان

mit Jana Reich

The workshop is for young FLINTA* who would like to learn the basics of making radio and create a live show together with girls from the Radio Glow Girls editorial team to open Claim the Waves. That means we want to create a feminist, creative space together that is filled with your ideas. At the end of the workshop, you can broadcast live from the studio, play music that you think is great and conduct spontaneous interviews or conversations about topics that interest you.

Jana Reich (she/her) likes to nerd about pop culture and politics, writes sometimes for the internet and sometimes for the radio, but always against capitalism and patriarchy.

@ Radio Blau
Paul-Gruner-Straße 62
04107 Leipzig

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