guided city tour: queer femnist places and stories with Ariane Lösch

visite guidée de la ville: lieus et histoires queer-féministes

visita guiada a la ciudad: lugares y historias queer-feministas

دليل المدينة: أماكن وقصص نسوية كويرية

تور شهرگردی با راهنما: داستانها و مکانهای فمینیست کوییر

with Ariane Lösch

Connewitz – that means riots and autonomists, at least according to the BILD newspaper. But for us residents, initiatives and associations from Connewitz, the neighbourhood presents itself differently. This short tour shows the other side of Germany’s hottest area. Where can we find traces of the disappeared GDR, the following „baseball bat years“, what interesting feminist formats and associations are there? We start at the feminist library MONAliesA and explore 7030 / 04277 together in conversation.

Ariane Lösch (she/her) is a passionate feminist & librarian and is looking forward to making Connewitz even more unsafe with you!

meeting point ·@ Feministische Bibliothek MONAliesA
Haus der Demokratie
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152
04277 Leipzig

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