ways to queertopia – an audio walk with Anna Wegricht

chemins á Queertopia – un tour de audio

caminos a Queertopia – un correo de audio

الطرق إلى كويرتوبيا، المضي قدماً بالطريقة التي نريد أن نعيشها

راه‌های رسیدن به آرمانشهر کوییر „کوییرتوپیا“- یک پیاده‌روی شنیداری

with Anna Wegricht

People have always been preoccupied with ideas of a better world. So far, Utopias have mostly been developed by men for men. They aim at the development opportunities of the already privileged. In contrast, queer-feminist utopias aim to rethink the relationship issues of the future. The audiowalk explores these paths leading to Queertopia. It is not bound to a fixed location. After all, utopias should be possible everywhere. Listen to the audiowalk in a park, in a graveyard, in a clinic, at a fair…

Anna Wegricht (she/her) works independently and nationwide as an audio designer, musician, project coordinator and speaker for youth cultural and political education.

meeting point @ Radio Blau
Paul-Gruner-Straße 62
04107 Leipzig

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