attach the control unit to reality – a workshop for creative writing with Kuku Schrapnell

joindre l’unité de côntrol á la realité – atelier d’écriture

atar la unidad de control a la realidad – taller de escritura

تطبيق الضوابط على الواقع – ورشة عمل حول الكتابة الأدبية مع كوكو شرابنيل

واحد کنترل را به واقعیت وصل کن- کارگاه نویسندگی خلاق

with Kuku Schrapnell

What exactly is literary writing? And what is the difference between literary and normal writing? These questions will probably not be answered in this workshop. Instead, we will find our own approach to writing, based on everyday observations, in order to see how the knobs of reality can be turned in one direction or the other.

Kuku Schrapnell (they/she) is at home in Leipzig between activism and writing. Currently, Kuku writes a column about beauty at analyse&kritik.

@ Frauenkultur
Windscheidstr. 51
04277 Leipzig

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