how to : sex podcast with Robin

comment faire un podcast sur sex

como hacer un podcast sobre el sexo

كيفية صناعة بودكاست نتحدث فيه عن الجنس

چگونه یک سکس‌پادکست شروع کنیم

with Robin

Sex is taboo – so it is all the more important that people talk about it openly and without shame. More and more radio shows and podcasts are dedicated to the topics of sexuality, sex and the body, thus helping to normalise these discourses. In the workshop „How to : Sexpodcast“ we will first look at the question of why this content is relevant and what educational mission it fulfils. Then we will think together about how to build such a show.

Robin (they/them/no pronouns) works in Luxembourg for the first Luxembourgish sexpodcast and focuses on queerness, consent and sexual health.

@ Hörfunk- und Projektwerkstatt
Biedermannstraße 9-13/Haus C
04277 Leipzig

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